The Queen's Artillery

Sandy Clafford is an artist living in New York City. She is an interdisciplinary visual artist and under the moniker, “The Queen’s Artillery” she draws upon her Afro-Latino experiences to create work that explores and reflects - the regal and empowered elements – of her personality. Her artwork is formed with an arsenal of modern to traditional tools ranging from rendering, collage, and photography. Clafford’s use of defiance as a point of exploration permits more understanding of the complex duality of being both an Afro LatinAmerican and Black woman. She creates against constraints by challenging the structures that femininity and Blackness are confined. The message of her work speaks to a spirit of rebellion influenced by an upbringing in Brooklyn, examining and expressing visual themes portraying Black people in a way that defies the system or a society that often defines blackness as minor or insignificant. Her artistic influences are Kehinde Wiley, Mickalene Thomas, and Rashaad Newsome. Her series, What That Mouth Do, expresses the multiplicity of Black women while confronting the common sexual innuendo. Her latest work, The Predecessors is the prelude to her new series, and an adaptation of the original playing card deck as well as a rewriting of a historical era. Clafford is reimagining the Renaissance by inserting Black bodies in flamboyant fashion and exaggerated Grand Manner styles. She produces a historical framework for a marginalized and underrepresented group of people by taking back the narrative.

Clafford’s work has been exhibited in various shows around New York namely, What’s Your Black (2022), The 2nd and 3rd Annual Future is Female (2019, and 2021), Celebration of Black Culture Through Art (2020), The Art of Sisterhood (2019), and notably Miami’s Art Basel’s Annual Satellite Art Exhibition (2019.) Among her many commissions, her most recent is with The Steve Nash Foundation (2021), and prominent is from major brand Grey Goose (2021).



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