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The Queen's Artillery

Introducing Sandy Clafford, a visionary interdisciplinary visual artist hailing from the pulsating streets of Brooklyn, New York. Embodied by her dynamic pseudonym, "The Queen's Artillery," Clafford ignites a creative explosion that fuses her Afro-Latin heritage with an unwavering passion for self-expression. Deep in the heart and soul of Brooklyn during the formative years of the 80s, Clafford's roots in this iconic borough run deep, infusing her art with an undeniable connection to its rich tapestry of culture. It is within this urban backdrop that she finds her muse, channeling the spirit of celebration and empowerment cherished by the Black community.​In her debut series, "What That Mouth Do," Clafford boldly explores the multifaceted nature of women, fearlessly confronting the often-reduced sexual innuendos that society attaches to them. Through her artistry, she shatters boundaries and challenges preconceived notions, revealing the true power and complexity of female identity.Building upon the success of her initial venture, Clafford's latest masterpiece, "The Predecessors – Deck of Queens," serves as a tantalizing prelude to her upcoming series. Inspired by the original playing card, she reinvents and breathes new life into these timeless archetypes, infusing them with her unique perspective and unwavering dedication to representation. Now, in her highly anticipated collection, "The Queen's Court – Reclaiming My Time," Clafford embarks on a journey of commemoration and reimagining. Delving into the annals of classical eras, she fearlessly rewrites history, bestowing the regal crowns upon the Black luminaries of modern culture. Through her intricate assemblage, she crafts a visual testament to the extraordinary contributions and resilience of these individuals.​With each stroke of her brush and each creation that emerges from her studio, Sandy Clafford, known as "The Queen's Artillery," fearlessly blurs the lines between art and social commentary. Her work resonates deeply, inviting viewers to contemplate, celebrate, and ultimately challenge the status quo. Prepare to be captivated as she navigates the uncharted territories of visual expression, forging a path that is uniquely her own and leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape. Immersed in her artistic practice, The Queen’s Artillery harnesses the power of paint and delves into the realm of mixed media assemblage, pushing the boundaries of her creative expression. Within her captivating works, she seamlessly weaves together vibrant textiles and mesmerizing background designs adorned with sequins, glitter, microbeads, and diamond dust, as well as dried flowers, adding layers of texture and intrigue.Sandy Clafford's artistic journey has been marked by a series of exhibitions and notable commissions that have firmly established her presence in the art world. Her inaugural solo show, "Autonomy Redefined" (2023), served as a powerful testament to her artistic vision and set the stage for her future endeavors. Continuing to make waves, Clafford unveiled the "Sankofa Public Installation" (2023) and the emotionally charged "Let Black Folks Feel" (2023), further solidifying her reputation as a fearless artist unafraid to tackle profound social and cultural themes. Her work has also graced the walls of prestigious exhibitions throughout New York City, including the esteemed New York Liberty's 6th Annual Unity Day Game (2022), "Painting at Night" (2022), and the empowering "What's Your Black" (2022). Notably, she participated in the 2nd and 3rd Annual Future is Female exhibitions (2019 and 2021), which celebrated the creative brilliance of women artists. Clafford's artistry has been recognized beyond the boundaries of New York, as her captivating pieces found a place among the curated selection at Miami's Art Basel's Annual Satellite Art Exhibition (2019), an esteemed platform that showcases exceptional artistic talent from around the world. Amidst her artistic pursuits, Clafford has been commissioned for a range of projects. Notably, she collaborated with The Steve Nash Foundation (2021), leaving her artistic imprint on a meaningful initiative. Additionally, her exceptional talent caught the attention of the renowned brand Grey Goose (2021), resulting in a prominent commission that further elevated her artistic prowess.


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